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Unisoft Ltd. is specialized in development, production, implementation and maintenance of application software, reliable information systems and complete Web-based solutions. We render consultations in the sphere of financial analyses and offer complete and intelligent solutions for company business processes automation, as well as individual solutions, corresponding to the particular
needs of each customer.

Our mission is to offer our customers all the means that will help them accomplish their strategic goals and win recognition and success in a world of constant changes through development of their information, organization and human resources.

The contemporary economy of knowledge is based on information and innovation. The transformation of various information streams into effective methods for analysis and estimation of business processes and phenomena, into problem situation solving tools, into resources for development of the creative processes inside the company and for invention of new products and services, is the main factor for market success achievement.

Success and prosperity are present only in those companies, that have accepted change as part of their everyday life, that succeed in combining strict technological discipline with the freedom of creativity, companies, that understand prosperity as a result from complete satisfaction of customers, due to perfect services, rendered by content with their work officers.

Our motto is: Master the change to prosper.

Unisoft Ltd.



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