Unisoft Ltd. offers, by the means of the latest IT technologies, complete planning and realization of your business ideas, as well as building of reliable management system for your company, easy and comfortable working environment, security and authenticity of the business information, possibilities for creating of archives, processing and printing of data, as well as remote work via Internet/Intranet and desktop application/website communications. We offer services in the following spheres:

»  Enterprise Resources Planning – ERP Systems;

»  Information systems in the sphere of finances and statistics – OLAP Technologies;

»  Information systems for extracting, estimation and analysis of the company generated information – BI System;

»  Database managing information systems – SQL Client/Server Applications;

»  Web-based applications, websites and web servers;

»  Word processing, filling, storage and printing of any kind of forms;

»  Text Information systems.

Enterprise Resources Planning – ERP Systems

The EPR system (abbreviation of Enterprise Resources Planning) helps and controls the management of company resources. Resource, as per the definitions of Unisoft Ltd., represents any factor, that has influence over the company income. This is why, resources might not be only the assets of the company, but also its organization (the better organization will lead not only to reduction of the expenses, but will increase the income), employees (the well motivated, active, independent and able to problem solving employees, content with their work, loyal, stable and decisive in their efforts for company goals achievement, are a significant factor for profit increase), market position (at equal other conditions, the market position is decisive for company income), loyalty of the customers, that is resulting from the relations management, etc.

EPR System represents a set of modules, collecting and managing the information for company resources in a single database. The centralized database is powerful resource for resource generation and analysis. The EPR has the advantage to be flexible that allows system integration of different spheres and adaptation to particular company needs. The modular principle of the used by Unisoft EPR, warrantees the independent work of the separate modules. This makes it possible to install only the most necessary, for the customer, system parts and save. The company may integrate other EPR modules at growth or immerging of new functions. The principle is to order and pay only the currently needed.

The main parts of EPR system are: management of customer orders, management and monitoring of production, management of store and store availabilities, finances and accounting, sales and complaints management, document flow, leasing and leasing schedules. The contemporary understanding of EPR covers also the management of human resources and customer relations, and implementation of optimal company organization (at generation and management of the so called organizational capital of the company). Unisoft Ltd. performs constant profound studies and development in this direction too.

Information systems in the spheres of finances, statistic and leasing

The company management stuff needs constantly reliable and up-to-date information, regarding the economic status. The main purpose of financial analyses is to give true and complete picture of companies activities in a certain period of time, as well as report, what would be the impact of certain, implemented by management, decisions onto company's value and income (the profit), to point to new methods of organization or new technology usage, purchase of new assets, employment or dismissing of human resources, opening or closing of departments, production plants, starting or stopping of various products and services, immerging of competitive companies or products, change in the tastes of customers, etc.

Our system for financial analysis is able to track the economic factors in your company, you have chosen as index of economic efficiency, e.g.: profit per customer, profit per employee, profit per trademark, profit per production item (service), etc. In this way you will know, at each moment what is the turn-over of your economic vehicle, are you going ahead, or there exist problems, do you have power and what is the impact of internal and external changes over the work of the company.

The financial analyses information system draws out current and periodic accounting analyses and statistic reports; financial analyses based on reports and references - analyses of the annual financial reports and the results of the current accounting entries; performs analysis of the structure and movement of assets, passives, actives, income, expenses, financial result, money streams, profitableness, efficiency, analysis of the turn-over capital, liquidity, incurred debts, solvency, bankruptcy threats.

Unisoft Ltd. has powerful and reliable system for commodity and financial leasing too. Some of its most useful functions are: documentation, maintenance and implementation of leasing schedules, trucking of customer payments, schedule, delay, damages, file of the payer/customer – other leasing contracts with the company, correctness, expired payments, control over the incoming payments, automatic generation of references for the expired payments, issuing of all necessary bank documents, invoices, accounting references.

Information systems for extracting, estimation and analysis of the company generated information – BI system

Each company needs information, regarding the activities of its departments, the company status at certain moment, the internal processes, favorable and unfavorable influences and tendencies, leading to improvement or worsening of company status. Having in mind this, the information system shall be able to monitor and register various facts and events, phenomena and processes, going on inside the company, to generalize and classify the gathered information with regards to certain criterion, reporting the repeating models, regularities, the relationships, to estimate and analyze the generalized information and to draw out prognoses for company development. This is what exactly Business Intelligence (BI) does.

The BI system collects information, generated from different company software applications - accounting, store, sales, orders, customers, distributors – as well as from bigger information systems, if there are such available (ERP, CRM, HRM) – classifies and generalizes the collected data and transforms them into clear and understandable references and reports, in analysis methods, in tendency finding tools, models, for tracking of incoming changes and crises in company functioning. And all these serves as a basis for taking correct management decisions and effective actions.

The gathered and generalized information might be used for creation of system, allowing analyzing the contribution of various categories of company resources ( tangible and intangible assets, human resources, activities organization, customer relations, market position, etc) to its income, to increase or decrease of company value, as well as analyzing the contribution of different departments and teams and particular employees and managers. The detailed contribution report for each of company's resources to the income is a prerequisite for implementation of company organization, that will transform the latter into a vital and effective market player.

Database managing information systems

The entering, processing and presentation of various and voluminous information has always been expensive task. The usage of SQL and Client/Server Applications make the database management easy, reliable and pleasant. Besides the systems allow simultaneous usage by a great number of employees with preliminary defined rights. The level of security is high – information is recorded at certain, user defined periods with an option of data base recovery. The separate users have different access rights. There are possibilities for control – maintenance of history for each user, allowing various reports to be produced at any single moment.

The spheres of database information systems usage are: wholesales, production, retail, electronic catalogues, electronic stores and all the forms of on-line trade. Unisoft Ltd. has rich practical experience in software development for these spheres.



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